The High Line

New York, NY

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Barbara J Weber

Barbara J Weber is an award-winning film composer, sound designer and violinist. She grew up in Brooklyn, NY and

Jesse Stiles

Jesse Stiles is an electronic composer, performer, installation artist, and software designer. His work has been featured at the

Michael Durek

Michael Durek, aka TheUse, is a Jersey City-based musician, most recognized for his soulful theremin playing and imaginative, moody

Gansevoort to W. 34th St., 10th/11th Aves, New York, NY
7AM-7PM Weekdays; 10AM-6PM Weekends
Ambient Electronic, Electronic
Broken clouds

Location Details

The High Line was one of the original launch sites for U-GRUVE AR when the app first went live during Creative Tech Week 2016.  At that time there was much construction underway at the north end, with the advent of Hudson Yards, and new additions further down, such as Zaha Hadid’s homage to the Future.  It was along these sections — from 23rd to 34th Streets — that we installed two pieces: Jesse Stiles’ “seven for dc casfader wandering” in the former, and Michael Durek’s “Train Tracks” in the latter.

The following year, Barbara J Weber’s “Untitled” was activated at the southern end of the park, from Gansevoort up through 17th Street, giving us complete end-to-end coverage of the park.

With the opening of the Whitney, we soon had an opportunity to preserve Milica Paranosic’s performance in Sibyl Kempson’s “12 Shouts to the Ten Forgotten Heavens“, which can now be experienced while walking all around the museum’s sidewalks, as well as on the southern-most section of the High Line.

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